De-icing salt Tarragona

We have fluxes of all kinds. Rock salt and sea salt. We have guaranteed stock of all formats:  Bulk trucks  Tank trucks  Big Bags (approx. 1000kg)  25kg bags  12kg bags We can make partial deliveries in Tarragona with our own logistics. We have an emergency service for our clients....
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De-icing salt Lleida

We have salts of all kinds. Both de-icing sea salt and rock salt. We have enough capacity to guarantee security stocks:  12kg bags  25kg bags  Big Bags (approx. 1000kg)  Tank trucks  Bulk trucks We have our own transport fleet to manage total or partial deliveries in Lleida. In cases...
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De-icing salt Barcelona

We have de-icing salts of all kinds. Salts for roads, for gas stations, laundries, private properties, etc. Both rock salt and sea salt Sort by formats:  Bulk trucks  Tank trucks  Big Bags (approx. 1000kg)  25kg bags (town halls – gas stations)  12kg bags (private use) We can make partial...
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De-icing rock salt

Special salt for roads, its granulometry and chemical composition make it an ideal flux for the prevention of icy surfaces in asphalt. Its applications go beyond the roads, it can also be used on concrete surfaces or anti-slip resins.  12kg bags  25kg bags  Big Bags (approx. 1000kg)  Tank trucks...
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