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We have specific salts available for very different uses


Salt for water treatment

There are two distinct uses for these specific salts. On one hand we have water softening salts and on the other hand, swimming-pool salts for salt chlorination of pools.


Water softener salt

This salt is used for the regeneration of ionic resins in a two phased divided process:

  1. The first phase involves the collecting of lime ions by ionic resins, during this process the resins are saturated with Cal ions and some metals.
  2. The second phase is used to regenerate the resins, throwing out sodium ions through them. These ions regenerate the resins so that they can recover their capacity to capture lime ions.

The generation of sodium ions is produced by introducing the water softener salt or regenerative salt into the brine tank of the softener. It is especially important to use clean, dense and quality salt, we just need to apply salt for a proper softener maintenance.

To ensure a correct salt use, we can verify that it complies with the E-973 standard, as this will guarantee that the salt is suitable for water softening.

Swimming-pool salts

This kind of salt is used to make chlorine using our saline electrolysis equipment. This system greatly simplifies the maintenance and behavior of swimming-pool water, as well as significantly improving water quality and bathing feeling.

In order to be totally effective it is advisable to set up a small PH regulator, with an acid dispenser. This way we will have the pool in perfect condition by simply adding a couple of swimming-pool salt bags every 5-8 weeks.

It is especially relevant to conclude that swimming-pool salts are considered an investment with a rapid economic recovery.

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