The saline electrolysis, also called saline chlorination is a process by which salt is added to the pool water or spa, from which chlorine is separated from sodium and where it is responsible for water disinfection, combining again with sodium when finished. This process is indefinitely maintained by saline chlorination equipment.

Specifically, we can say that disinfection occurs thanks to hypochlorous acid (HClO), this being the main disinfectant that acts by eliminating bacteria, algae and pathogens. It must be borne in mind that ozone and radical oxidrile are also produced during electrolysis, and therefore we must take them into account since these are also disinfectants.

As a general rule (it varies according to pools and devices), the salt ratio is 5g per liter, which means, 5Kg. per cubic meter. It is a very soft proportion compared with the 33-39g per liter (approx.) that we find in our seas and oceans.

Sal para piscinas


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